Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My family and i was recently evicted from our payment due to non payment. Everyone around me family and society has suddenly deemed me an outcast and deadbeat. Whats interesting is I got evicted because i took a chance at achieving my goal of starting Grow To Be magazine (written to inspire people to achieve their dreams) Which by the way will launch Nov 15th. I pushed to sell ad space to produce a hard copy 20k and pay the bills. Obviously i came up short. Okay really short.
But as we exited our asbestos filled apartment i started to realize several things. The first being that we shouldnt have moved into those damn buildings in the first place. But most importantly that i was finally on the path to believing in myself and my ideas. Although i failed at achieving my financial goal for the magazine and our living I did accomplish pulling together a group of writers, photographers, and editors to create the first issue. Which means i can do it again. The most important lesson is that now that ive hit the bottom i can only go up. Which has given me such a postitive attitude and tremendous amount of confidence that i know our situation will change in a matter of days.
My path lead me to downtown denver the other day to promote my magazine and i was asking people did they Grow to be what they wanted. And it was interesting to see the pain in their answers. I mean Im homeless and positive and happy in creating my magazine and the majority of people who treated me as a human and stopped complained. They had regrets, and some even envyied me. They had "safe jobs" making money and living in their own places and envyied me for following my dreams. It was this day that helped me and reaffirmed my belief in my goals and dreams!!!! Ultimately i have learned that SLOW PROGRESS SHOULDN'T BE MISTAKEN FOR FAILURE!!!